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Young and Naive: Daddy

Young And Naive: Daddy - Marla Blowers Janeen spent her summer vacations with her grandparents at their small lake resort "Turkey Creek ranch", and since life with her father is filled with moves and switching of schools, it feel more like home to her than her real home. She is secretly relieved when he is transferred to Korea making her favorite summer vacations spot her permanent home. When her grandmother is hospitalized, Janeen runs across her diaries and at her grandmother's insistence she begins to read them. The secrets revealed with its pages, coupled by twin tragedies, change the course of Janeen's life and sends her searching for answers. After returning to live with her mother, she easily fall for Clint, except her life is anything but the easy one she pictures. As she continues unearthing the secrets of her grandmother's diary the shocks keep coming. Ms. Blowers does an amazing job of capturing human emotion and "Daddy" is a must read.