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Sanctum Angels (Shadow Havens #1)

Sanctum Angels - Edenmary Black Taken hostage from the First Bank of Saint Rushton, owner of the Maidenheart bakery Priana Grey, hopes she won't die in front of a stranger wearing her underwear. She is the child of a pureblood vampire and a fallen angel. Although she possesses the skill to save herself, she doesn't wish to do so at the cost of human lives. At the gunman's request, Detective Joe Cafaris is called to the scene. At this point I do not wish to include spoilers so I'll just say Joe is left curious to know more about the tiny brunette that shows so much courage, and the arrival of her strange family, leaves him with more questions than answers and an overwhelming desire to see more of the beautiful Pria. As the hot detective and the half angel find themselves drawn to one another, and tremendous scenes of love unfold, a world of the supernatural finds itself on the brink of war. Can Joe and Pria create a lasting love when they are so different? Buy the book and find out!! You won't regret it.