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From Hel, With Love (XIII Hour, #1)

From Hel with Love - Blue Remy ARC review of “From Hel, With Love”With a writing style similar to that of Sherrilyn Kenyon, Blue Remy’ s “From Hel, with love” brings together a world of Demon, Daemon, and Fae to paint a magical picture of the paranormal that exists among us. In the heart of New Orleans, just off Bourbon Street, is The Club, a hardcore club ran by Raven Aquilis the keeper of the 9 gates. When a demon of Raven’s realm is killed in a ritualistic style, the human world, in the form of Duncan O’Brien head of the Regional Investigation of Paranormal Agency, and the Demon world collide. It’s Raven’s duty to keep the demons of her realm safe, and in doing so keep herself safe, but it makes Duncan an unavoidable necessity. However, Duncan is irresistible for more reasons than that one. A unique dark fantasy world, an undeniable attraction, and colorful side characters all combine to make From Hel, with love a can’t-miss-must-read. I can’t wait for book two of the series.