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Double Her Fantasy

Double Her Fantasy - Randi Alexander Description:At a comic book convention, Megan's fantasy man, an actor named Garret McGatlin, asks her to join him for a drink. When she shows up at his hotel room, she learns there are two fantasy men for her because Garret has a sexy brother, Trey. The two men enjoy sharing one woman and Megan is the one they want. A one-night stand turns into a three-way relationship that brings all their issues to the table including Megan's past with a crazed stalker.My Favorite Quote:"Slow down," Garret murmured. "You want this to last don't you?" No. She wanted to come.My thoughts:This book was hot, hot, hot, but it also had heart, and in my opinion that made it the perfect combination.Even during the steamiest scenes, I was waiting for the heartache to set in because everyone was losing themselves in this relationship. Truly a must-read.