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Starving Blades (Otherworldly Prophecies, #1)

Starving Blades (Otherworldly Prophecies, #1) - Natasha Ann Wetzel Angel is exactly that, a fallen angel, and he's had a rough six months. He's depressed, has a drinking problem, is angry at his war spirit, and has lost the love of his life. Spurred on by his inability to stare at the four walls of his home any longer, Angel sets out to win back the woman he can't get over, Kira.What he finds sparks my favorite quote in the book:"What the hell Kira, do you live in a mother fuckin' frat house?"You'll understand why I found that so funny when you read this awesome book for yourself. It's not a frat house. It's something more sinister and I hope that this is only the beginning. I need to know the story of all seven of the deadly sins now.