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Bound by Blood - P.A. Lupton ~4.5 stars~P.A. Lupton’s Bound by Blood was a great read. I always feel like I am taking a big risk when I read a book by a new author, but this was one of those times that I wasn’t disappointed. I think that I laughed three times before finishing the first three pages. F.B.I. Agent Brianna Reece has moved to Denver in order to work in a special division for difficult cases. Helped along by her psychic ability, she is on the hunt for a serial killer whose victims possess an eerie resemblance to her. The only connection between the murders is that each victim hired Donavon Security to protect them after experiencing a feeling of being “watched.” The sparks that fly off of Brianna at her first glimpse of Nathan Donavan were amazing, and I couldn’t help but smile as I picture their faces as they flirted with one another without trying to seem as if they were. I’m trying to avoid spoilers but Brianna uncovers some truths about herself as well Nathan during her investigation that leave her stunned. I highly recommend this book to anyone who love Paranormal and Paranormal Romance. Bestsellers to you P.A. LuptonCharity Parkerson