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Warriors of the Heynai (Jake West, #2)

Warriors of the Heynai (Jake West, #2) - M.J. Webb Epic fantasy adventure Jake West is back in a new time travel adventure. This time around, we meet TheWarriors of the Heynai, as Jake sets out to restore the box of stones and keephis promise to defeat King Vantrax . The twists and turns will leave you on theedge of your seat. You'll cheer for Jake's success, and hold your breath during themoments, that failure seems imminent.This book is written in 3rd person, and it broke my heart from the very beginning,but luckily, Webb found a way to bring the reader back from the brink ofdepression. I read somewhere that M.J. Webb had been compared to C.S.Lewis, but I think that it should be the other way around, because M.J. Webb is apowerhouse in his own right.I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys epic fantasy adventures.~Author Charity Parkerson