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The Estian Alliance (Jake West, #3)

The Estian Alliance (Jake West, #3) - M.J. Webb Author M.J. Webb never ceases to amaze me As someone who loves Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia, I was very excited back when I read the description of the first book in this series: Jake West The Keeper of the Stones. I went into that book never expecting that I would find a world just as bright and magical as the ones in my favorite books, but author M.J. Webb truly surprised me. I loved it and I quickly snatched up book 2: Jake West Warriors of Heynai.I've finally made it to book 3: Jake West The Estian Alliance and oh my gosh, you have to read these books!In this one, 15-year-old Jake and his best friend Ben are still trying to restore the box of stones so they can gather his full power as keeper in hopes of defeating King Vantrax. This is the final battle in the war against evil and the level of suspense has risen quite a bit. If you love fantasy, YA, or heck you like to read then go get this series!!