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Custodian of the Luima Legacy

Custodian of the Luima Legacy - Gabrielle Poplar ~4.5 Stars~ I'm always impressed by an author that can create an entire world the way this author has managed to with "Custodian of the Luima Legacy". World building, imagery, and character development truly come into play when taking on such a huge project. I was concerned when I read the description that I might not be able to follow along. However, after downloading the sample and reading the prologue, I knew that I had to give this one a try. I wasn't disappointed. When Fastian heads to Bahadi he takes along his ward, Meryl. The Luima are holding a test for natural abilities. Meryl gives it a shot and turns out to be very powerful, so he heads off to Jodi Island for further training. At school, Meryl finds himself at a disadvantage in some areas since this new direction for his life was unexpected, but his natural skills shine through winning over a few. With an evil king, plenty of magic, and characters that you can easily root for, this is a great read.