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Guns 'N' Tulips (Short Story)

Guns 'N' Tulips (Short Story) - Kristine Cayne About the book:Connor Kavanaugh has lost everything to an undercover gig; his friends, colleagues, and most importantly his fiancee. However, today is finally the day he'll be able to put the case behind him. With a team in place ready to bust the band of bank robbers, the fact that they are at the wrong one is the least of Connors worries.With a group known for leaving dead managers in their wake, it only takes a single glance at this bank's management for Connor to know that it isn't only his reputation on the line.My favorite quote:"A bank vault isn't like your woman's legs; it won't open with just a kiss and a poke."My thoughts:5 stars all the way. You can read in one sitting which I really enjoy. Check this one out.