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Together in Cyn: 1 (Members Only)

Together in Cyn: 1 (Members Only) - Jennifer Kacey About the story:Cyn has a fantasy, one that she keeps hidden between the pages of her journal. She wants her best friends, fraternal twins Chris and Jared, in her bed. However, she doesn't want to ruin their friendship by admitting her feelings.Chris and Jared have a secret of their own, they run a BDSM house, and after reading Cyn's journal, the pair have decided to come clean. Things get very delicious from there as they bring all Cyn's secret desires to lifeMy Favorite Quote:"I locked my knees and flattened my palms on the warm wood in front of me, wondering if any moisture would remain north of my waist before I fainted."If that's not an awesome description of lust then I don't know what is.My thoughts:This book was a tad out of my usual fare. I love erotica, but I'm not submissive by nature, so I worried that I might not enjoy reading about Cyn's desire to be dominated.I was wrong. This was a fun read with two delicious brothers. Even though they are twins, Chris and Jared are unique in their sexual tastes so there is something for everyone. If you enjoy erotica, check this one out.